“I did not want to go to the country”: the girl’s father was a thief

"Не хотела ехать на дачу": отца девочки приняли за похитителя

Residents of flats called militiamen, seeing as the man pushes the car crying and resisting childon Saturday, August 11, in Kharkiv residents on the street, the Country saw the scene of the alleged “child abuse and abduction”, and immediately called the police, writes the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

People informed the police that one of the girls age 10 living in their home, saw an unidentified man force pushes a crying child of five years in the car. The frightened young witness of this incident, took it as the fact of the abduction of the child, and hastened to tell their parents about it.

“Daughter, usually went somewhere in the 9.40 to walk the dog. Literally 10 minutes later she ran home and began to talk, saw in the yard the unknown man pushes the girl of years of five in the car. The child strongly cried and resisted. Daughter doesn’t know this girl. Said only that she was with the tail. After that the car left the yard and went in the direction of Pyatikhatki,” – said in comments to the website “Today” Inna, mother wide awake 10-year-old of us, who has witnessed the alleged abduction.

Adults are immediately reported to the police. Arrived on the scene the militiamen found out that actually there was no theft. According to the press officer of the Department of communication of Ukraine in Kharkiv oblast Oksana Kalmykova, it turned out that a little five year old girl, which is so actively “the Italian job”, just didn’t want to go to the country. And the “kidnapper” is this girl’s father, who, rejecting all attempts to calm the child just forcibly put the baby in the car.

“The family now rests in the country. They are all well, peace and order,” commented the website “Today” of Oksana Kalmykova.

But not always these stories are funny. we will remind that in October of 2017 took place in Kiev resonant kidnapping. The kidnapping happened in a kindergarten №606 Obolon. While the father of the kidnapped girls went to the kindergarten to pick up eldest daughter, the unknown man took the child and disappeared. Then the kidnappers arrested, and the child was returned to her family.

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