“I didn’t want to explode here”: Nathalie Simard bursts into tears at Get me out of here

“I didn't want to explode here”: Nathalie Simard bursts into tears at the Get me out of here


The second episode of the reality show Get Me Out Of Here was a very emotional one. 

The size of the challenge facing the participants has begun to catch up with them, especially Nathalie Simard.

While the group was preparing for their second night's dinner, the singer had to leave for a moment to recharge in the Costa Rican jungle.

Upon returning to camp, with the tremolo in her voice, the 53-year-old opened up about the difficulties she felt.

“My body is struggling. So I just wanted to share it with you, I wanted to break it, because it's not easy for me, ”confessed the singer in front of the empathetic looks of her colleagues.

“The body speaks to me, I'm tired, worse than I'm tired, I'm fragile,” said Nathalie in the confessional.

“I don't let go, I'm here, but I just needed to share it with you because…” at that moment, the singer burst into tears and the other participants gave her a big hug.

She said she felt “spied on” and found it very confronting.

While she was trying to explain her moods to her acolytes, she was interrupted by Livia Martin who asked very loudly to the group: “We keep- you bone them?” – talking about her supper, of course.

Immediately, the young woman felt guilty and apologized profusely, eventually offering a small moment of levity to the episode.

“I didn't want to explode here. Because in my life, I exploded a lot publicly, but we all have our weaknesses,” continued Nathalie, before encouraging the other participants to confide in themselves rather than all “bottling up” their emotions.