“I don't have a career plan”

“I don’t have a career plan”


At 57, Céline Bonnier takes on roles on television, in movies and on stage. “I would like to meet more challenges, launches the one that we will see shortly in the film North of Albany and in Fragments by Serge Boucher. I still need this, if not more! »

Over the years, Céline Bonnier has brilliantly met the challenges that come with the interpretation of several great characters, including the touching Suzanne of Unité 9 or the Catherine, mother determined to get her son out of prison in A criminal case. 

Annie, her character in Marianne Farley's film, fits into this vein of striking and colorful characters. 

“Annie is someone very impulsive, very maternal, but who is also sometimes a bit like his daughter's daughter. She organizes herself as she can once in trouble. He's not a thoughtful person. »

The actress, born in Lévis, did not hesitate to accept this role offered to her by the director. In addition to the script, which caught her by its beauty and its accuracy, it was the meeting with the luminous Marianne Farley – on a park bench, in the midst of a pandemic – which came to consolidate everything. 

< p>“It was like love at first sight,” says Céline Bonnier. She was a woman who attracted me. She is intelligent, rigorous and brilliant. I also immediately liked the beautiful Zeneb [Blanchet, who plays her daughter]. All of this made me want to be there. »


She admits that filming in the midst of a pandemic came with its share of challenges and a certain demanding side. The time allotted to all the rules in particular, the set having rigorously followed government recommendations.

The actress is also in the cast of Fragments, the new series by Serge Boucher which will be presented from December 15 on ICI TOU.TV EXTRA. She talks about a shoot that took place in goodwill, among friends, with James Hyndman, Luc Guérin and René Richard Cyr. 

“The director, Claude Desrosiers, is a master of rigor says the actress, who is currently rehearsing at the theater for Rome, a five-hour play made up of five plays by Shakespeare and 30 actors which will be presented at Usine C in April.

“Serge Boucher's writing is in the relationship and in a very daily time. It is the story of life without extreme brilliance or extravagance. There is a lot of human love, detail and kindness. We feel that he is a man of the theater. »