“I don’t need to be afraid”: the female bodybuilder is rigidly put in place Kharlamov and Will

"Меня не надо бояться": бодибилдерша жестко поставила на место Харламова и Волю

Paul Will

today, 10:29

Master of sports of international class in bodybuilding Natalia Batova live Comedy Club hard to put in place of Paul Will and Garik Kharlamov.

When Kharlamov was presented to the guest, then asked her if she can raise the Will “dispute” to which Batova said that may alternately raise both residents of Comedy Club. He Will said that they will not be able to resist even if Batova want somewhere to take it.

And Kharlamov, in turn, remembered that in his time, during the filming along with Batosai, was forced to run from her around the stage. “You must not fear me, I lenko you can come and talk,” responded baht.

Recall that recently, two residents of Comedy Club Sergey Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin visited Kiev at the invitation of the show “the League of laughter.”

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