“I don’t really have any illusions”: Isild Le Besco reacts after the indictment of Benoît Jacquot

Benoît Jacquot was indicted for rape this Wednesday, July 3, 2024, while the Paris prosecutor's office is considering the follow-up it will give to the complaints against Jacques Doillon. Actress Isild Le Besco reacted to Elle magazine and expressed a "form of relief", although she still deplores that so many women are victims of violence.

"Justice is interested in the painful subject of mistreatment and takes charge of it",whispers the 41-year-old actress, to the magazine Elle.

"I have no illusions"

After the indictment of Benoît Jacquot this Wednesday, against whom she had filed a complaint, she expressed "a form of relief". However, the artist has "no illusions".

And for good reason, many women are still victims of sexist and sexual violence, she deplores: "I can't m&rsquo ;stop thinking about all the women who, even as I speak to you, are being mistreated, assaulted, raped. Or even kill. One every three days. And for the same reasons: men want us to be their object."

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The two directors arrested on Monday

Filmmaker Benoît Jacquot was indicted on Wednesday for rape of actresses Julia Roy, in 2013, and Isild Le Besco, between 1998 and 2000, and placed under judicial supervision, said the Paris prosecutor's office , requested by AFP.

Jacques Doillon saw his police custody lifted on Tuesday evening "for medical reasons" and was released without prosecution at this stage, the public prosecutor still having to define "the modalities of the follow-up to be given" concerning him.

The two filmmakers were interviewed as part of an investigation by the Paris public prosecutor's office opened for rape of a minor under 15 years old by a person in authority, rape, violence by a partner, and sexual assault on a minor under more than 15 years per person with authority.

The investigation was launched after the complaint filed by Judith Godrèche. The 52-year-old actress had publicly accused Benoît Jacquot of rape at the beginning of February, then Jacques Doillon of sexual assault, triggering a new storm in the #MeToo of French cinema.

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