“I eat dumplings and I love Ukraine…”: surfaced video footage Comedy Club with Andrew Dairy, comedian if changed

"Едят галушки и любят Украину...": всплыло архивное видео Comedy Club с Андреем Молочным, комика будто подменили

today, 13:50

Netizens published archival footage with actor and comedian, resident Comedy Club Andrew Suckling, in which he noted an interesting monologue about Ukrainians.

Andrew in his standup called the Ukrainians are cheerful and hospitable. According to Milk, he eats dumplings and laughs. In addition, the Dairy added that the Ukrainians are the kindest and the most beautiful. They love their country. And the farther they are from the Ukraine, the stronger their love. The full video can be viewed on YouTube.

"Едят галушки и любят Украину...": всплыло архивное видео Comedy Club с Андреем Молочным, комика будто подменили

Andrew Milk, show “Faina Ukraina”

“Ukrainians love their country. And note that the farther away you are, the more they love her. Hence the conclusion: the most loving Ukrainians live in new York and Toronto. In the evenings they gather in pubs, drink, have fun, dance, eat dumplings and laugh. They call it – to be sad, ” said the comedian.

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Andrew noted that when Ukrainians begin to live in Europe, then five years go by and they lose the national signs of identity. Dairy also said, in what appears their assimilation with European mentality.

However, it should be recalled that the comedian Andriy Molochny known as the party of Ukrainian show and friend of Sergey Prytula, recently published in his Instagram post which caused outrage and bewilderment countrymen. The artist raised the issue that for a long period of time is very slippery in society.

“Hello compatriots! November 6, 1943, troops of the 1st Ukrainian front (army General N. F. Vatutin) during the Kiev offensive operation had liberated from Nazi invaders, the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Why for me this event was important, acquired very valuable? After all, five years ago, I wrote about it, posting such posts. Since five years ago, I even could not think that in Kiev the crowds will go the Nazis. I even could not imagine that they would defile the monuments to the heroes of the great Patriotic War. That will demolish the monuments to Zhukov and Vatutin”, – he wrote.

Recall that star “Women’s Quarter” Irina Soponaru revealed his mysteries: “the Guy said I was crazy.”

As reported Znayu, Lesya Nikityuk was fired from the show “Who against blondes?”: “Put leading this four-eyes”.

Znayu wrote, Igor Swallow “dilute” the League of laughter “Ukrainian Joker”: this would not even invented Zelensky.

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