“I feel I am quite correct,” says Dr. Arruda about his trip to Morocco

«Je me sens tout à fait correct», dit le Dr Arruda concernant son voyage au Maroc

The director of Quebec public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, fully accepts the journey he has made from 26 February to 8 march, a few days only before the arrival of the pandemic in Quebec.

Our Bureau investigation has revealed that, on Friday morning, Dr. Arruda minimized the coronavirus and was making jokes during this trip to Morocco during which he took part in a conference on public health.

Questioned on this matter by Mario Dumont on the waves of LCN, Dr. Arruda has shown no remorse.

“One can make politics with it, but for me the professional point of view I feel quite ok. I have always assumed my role with my colleagues in this folder,” he said, noting that the journey to which he was a part of was intended. The conference to which he was invited was interested in the subject of practice of pharmacists in Quebec, and the use of medicinal cannabis.

“In January we were working on the issue of the pandemic. […] Now we can try to say that my trip has had an impact on the pandemic, and I think that this is not the case. I have always demonstrated a “commitment” is very important compared to that,” defended Dr. Arruda.

Regarding the jokes that he would have made at this conference, the director of public health ensures that they have been taken out of context and that they were mostly to the effect, inter alia, that the news of Morocco revolved almost entirely around the COVID-19.

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