I go out, I rest

Je sors, je reste

Weekend of the 17th to the 19th of July 2020

Blow of heart


Fresco giant The Life of the Black.e.s account

On Sainte-Catherine street, the famous fresco in which is inscribed ” The Life of the Blacks.e.s. account ” is finally over. In support with the demands of the movement Black Lives Matter and the social inequalities, local artists of the black community have participated in this project, both artistically, as committed. Just as New York, Washington or Los Angeles, this initiative of the Foundation Dynasty has the objective of raising the awareness of the population on the stakes of racial profiling, and systemic racism. *To see rue Sainte-Catherine between rue Saint-Hubert and Saint-André

I go out


Suspect number one

Inspired by a true story, the feature film Suspect number one, which starred the actor quebecers Antoine Olivier Pilon and american actor Josh Hartnett immerses us in the 80’s, in Thailand. It tells the story of Daniel Léger, a former heroin addict canadian, which crosses the route of a dealer of drugs of British Columbia, referred to as the Picker. The latter results in a trap in Thailand, where he is immediately imprisoned. However, a few years later, a reporter from the Globe and Mail took an interest in its history and will work to re-establish the facts and to make the triumph of justice. *Out in the room on July 10

I rest


Bring me your C. V.

Bring me your C. V. is a podcast different and produced in the good mood. He reveals the many jobs that have occupied several quebec celebrities. For example, did you know that Marc Dupré has already been a guide on a ranch, at age 12, server in a chinese restaurant, and convenience store clerk by night? Or that Phil Roy has almost cut an arm by a sheet of metal and has written jokes for presentations of sex toys? The animation is provided by two childhood friends, are the singer Ludovick Bourgeois and the humorist Christophe Dupéré. Check out with the cheerful duo the funny route, the experience of work, unpublished and spicy anecdotes. *Available from 10 July on qub.radio/podcast or on the platforms Apple and Android


Mandy”s Gourmet Salads

Who doesn’t love to eat a delicious salad from the counter Mandy’s Salads? The popularity of the two sisters over the years has led to a new book of recipes, where Mandy and Rebecca explains to us how to re-create at home with their salads and a coveted. In the following pages, we reveal all : the preparation of the essential ingredients, including the creation of their salad dressings and the combination of flavours and textures. There are also recipes for bowls of nourishing grain, as well as chapters devoted to smoothies and the famous biscuits. I bet that it could not be any more. * Released on July 6,

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