I go out, I rest

Je sors, je reste

Blow of heart


First Cow

A talented chef is at the heart of this feature film from Kelly Reichardt, adapted from the novel The Half-Wife of Jonathan Raymond. Cookie kitchen for a group of trappers in Oregon in the 1800s. He will strike up a friendship with a chinese immigrant. Together, they will attempt to make a fortune with the milk from the only cow of the county that belongs to a rich man.

This evening at 17: 30 at Cinema du Parc – 3575, avenue du Parc

I rest


The dancers stars parasitize your sky

Jolène Ruest plunges us into the world of professional dance with this novel. It follows a young woman who finished her studies at the ballet School. For her, it is obvious that it will be quickly hired by a dance company. His plan will instead of the employment-Dairy Queen of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

Released 7 July


The show I the internet speci@l-Navet Confit

Turnip Confit will perform a solo performance on the web this evening. As the musician never does things by half, a green screen will be at the heart of this evening that promises to be a little offbeat and well-unsettling.

Tonight at 18h at the www.facebook.com/lenavetconfit


Hockey 360

As the NHL prepares for a return to the game, the show, Hockey 360 makes a return, and this, as of this evening. Marc Labrecque, and many experts will keep you informed of the latest news and perform interviews with important actors of the world of hockey. Sport lovers, it is an appointment not to be missed!

Tonight at 18: 30 on RDS

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