“I hate this upstart!”: Todorenko in swimsuit sassed the haters

"Бесит эта выскочка!": Тодоренко в купальнике дерзко ответила хейтерам

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Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put gorgeous shot, posing on the Paradise island of Bali, where he had arrived on vacation with my family – year-old son Misha and her husband Vlad Topalov. So, thinner the actress showed up with no makeup and Boobs in a bikini, telling me how important radovatsya for others.

“Teach your parents to be happy for others? And you teach your children to rejoice in others ‘ victories and achievements?
History: recently under one of his interviews, found the comment “I hate eternal positive of this upstart Regina” and , frankly, horrified.😱 That is annoying when in the other all good?????? Seriously????…As a child I often played at dance tournaments and music festivals, but every time standing on 6m, 4m, 3M place , parents and teachers encouraged me and supported me with the words: “and let the friendship win, and the struggle for leadership is a Convention. It is now important to improve your skill”, so next time Regina Regina won. That is how I live: do not try to jump someone, do not go to the corpses , and every year improve their qualities and to cultivate a co-sympathy with suffering and WITH JOY!”, – shared emotions Todorenko. Followers were delighted, supporting Regina in the comments.

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"Бесит эта выскочка!": Тодоренко в купальнике дерзко ответила хейтерам

"Бесит эта выскочка!": Тодоренко в купальнике дерзко ответила хейтерам

"Бесит эта выскочка!": Тодоренко в купальнике дерзко ответила хейтерам

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Regina Todorenko wrote that the Americans and the Japanese – a much more cheerful Ukrainians, and then narrowed her eyes with the fingers.

Also a celebrity wearing an orange Sari, sang to Sandora for some very mysterious language.

And the actress appeared in a very unusual advertising yogurt with sprinkles, showing two sides of himself and shone a huge pregnant tummy.


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