“I have always forgiven”: TARABAROVA told you about high school

The singer remembers the school with a sincere smile

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"Меня всегда прощали": TARABAROVA рассказала о школьных годах


Behind the scenes of the concert “Music platform”, which the TV channel “Ukraine” will show on 24 August at 22:30, the singer TARABAROVA told, what memories from her school days and why she was constantly forgiven the teacher.

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Turned out to be for an artist still in school, the holidays were workers, after all, the future star was a real activist, but also wonderfully sang a specially prepared song.

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“The first and last calls to me were on stage, I always sang. Usually it was reworked songs – we took a hit and rewrote the text about teachers how to be grateful about the school year. It was so much fun! I remember my last prom, call all cried, because we were very active and positive class. I now communicate with their girls, with his “gang” – we always called themselves!” – shared TARABAROVA.

Star recognized – a school remembers only with a sincere smile, because, even if Svetlana something did not work, the teacher forgave her, because he knew – the girl has a talent for creativity.

“School, actually, this is a very positive and awesome memories, without the negative! If I, for example, poorly taught physics, but I was a good singer and because of that I was always forgiven. In fact, I was not a ” C “student, I was basically four, and in Junior high was even a straight a student, but then with a little character not developed”, – said the singer.

And 24 August, Independence Day, viewers of channel “Ukraine” will be able to see the performance of magic TARABAROVA. The artist will perform famous songs and will open the “bright side of music”. Also the concert “Music platform” will ignite the popular Ukrainian artists – Tina Karol, Alyosha, Arsen Mirzoyan, TAYANNA, TARABAROVA, JERRY HEIL, the group “БЕZ you like”, “On I Ona”, “TamerlanAlena” and others.

Recall MOZGI and Oleg Vinnik will present new songs in the show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”.

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"Меня всегда прощали": TARABAROVA рассказала о школьных годах

"Меня всегда прощали": TARABAROVA рассказала о школьных годах

"Меня всегда прощали": TARABAROVA рассказала о школьных годах


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