“I have favorites”: Alexey Sukhanov, about the end of the show “Divalign people”

Expert admits he did not expect such training from participants show

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"У меня есть фавориты": Алексей Суханов о финале шоу "Дивовижні люди"

Alexey Sukhanov

Tomorrow, April 27, the TV channel “Ukraine” will show the Grand finale super show “Divalign people”, for the victory which will compete with 9 Ukrainians with incredible powers. On the eve of the finals, we asked the project expert Alexey Sukhanov few questions.

– Alexey, what are your emotions ahead of the final?

– In previous releases, frankly, outraged emotions, and now, in the final, I’m just amazed – I didn’t expect this training to our finalists. Can’t even find the words because it’s just amazing.

– Whom will you support in the final?

– I have favorites – our amazing people. I can’t say that someone particular I am a fan – no, but I’m rooting for the pride, for the people that surround us and which need to be proud of. I said it already once and I want to reiterate. Because this project is of great importance, it needs to convey to each of us that we live next to these people, which should be protected, which must be respected, which need to be proud of. I became even more attentive to look around, because these people live near us. We walk the same streets, we live in the same country. And I’m worried now I’m even more was watching people and each trying to find something, anything, maybe not, but I think there still is.

"У меня есть фавориты": Алексей Суханов о финале шоу "Дивовижні люди"

The expert of the show “Divalign people” Alexey Sukhanov

In the end you do not evaluate participants, the winner is chosen by the viewers. Emotionally it’s easier?

– Of course, it’s easier. On the one hand, to evaluate wondering, are you using assessment to Express your thoughts, your impressions, but also take on the responsibilities of the Lord God, and this is not very convenient, well at least for me. And in the final we just Express our opinion, impression, I think it’s interesting. I never put a mark on the order, I was guided first of all my impressions, so I’m not ashamed no one point. Another reason, incidentally, that each of us has a chance to improve and prove that failure is not a failure, but only the possibility to concentrate and make something from what all say simply: “Wow!”.

Earlier we told who is fighting for the victory in the project “Divalign people.”

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