“I heard a terrible roar”: the couple was found in the wall of the bedroom is something shocking

A couple from Spain stopped to sleep because of the strange sounds in the wall

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"Слышали страшный гул": супруги нашли в стене спальни нечто шокирующее

The Spaniards discovered in the bedroom wall of bees

In the Spanish city of Granada, a pair of lovers in the two years heard in the bedroom wall a terrible roar. Sometimes because of the noise they woke up in the night and couldn’t sleep. When the sound intensified even more, the Spaniards decided to call the technician to sort out this problem. As it turned out, all this time they lived in a house with 80 thousands of live bees, according to CNN.

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“Roy was so large that it is not clear how the residents constantly buzzed in his ears,” surprised local beekeeper Sergio Guerrero after inspecting their homes.

"Слышали страшный гул": супруги нашли в стене спальни нечто шокирующее

The couple lived off a swarm of bees in the wall two years

Guerrero also explained that the bees began to behave more noisy due to warming, and bred because of the many flowers near the house.

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