“I just arrived two minutes late” – Jonathan Drouin


TAMPA | Jonathan Drouin arrived late for a team meeting, but you can't blame him for not accepting the consequences or facing the difficulties.  

After the meeting, as agreed after morning training, the one Martin St-Louis had just benched for 60 minutes, was waiting at his locker to tell the story of the mess he had gotten himself into.

“I didn't hear my alarm ringing. I ran to get to the meeting on time, but I couldn't. I arrived two minutes late,” he explained.

The 27-year-old forward is playing his ninth season in the NHL, his sixth with the Canadiens. He assures that such a mishap had never happened to him since the beginning of his career.

“It was not an easy day. It sucks that it's happening in Tampa, he said. But, we have team rules to follow and they are valid for everyone. »

“We turn the page”

Repentant, Drouin accepted the consequences that came with this serious breach of the group's code. He knew he wouldn't step onto the playing surface once during the game.

“Martin, the coaching staff and I agreed on this yesterday ( Friday). I was okay with the consequences and I was ready to face them.

Drouin assures that this episode in no way affects the continuation of his association with the Habs. St-Louis was of the same opinion. Besides, he loved the way he answered.

“I tip my hat to him for the way he handled it. He was great on the bench. He was encouraging the guys, he was talking,” he said.

St-Louis later maintained that the file was now closed.

“I have a very good relationship with Jo. He's a guy I really like. It's not the kind of easy decision to make, but it's the right decisions, said the head coach of the Canadian. He will report (to training) on ​​Monday. We turn the page, we move forward.


After suffering a beating against the Panthers, Martin St-Louis had insisted that his team seemed to have drifted away from his identity. Saturday, despite the setback, we felt, in the Canadiens locker room, that we had found some benchmarks.

“We played with enthusiasm. Our defensive game was much better. We supported each other more, we placed ourselves more in the passing and shooting lines. There are still a few things to settle, but we played a good game. »

– Nick Suzuki

Samuel Montembeault and his colleague Jake Allen paid the price for the team's problems on Thursday evening. Even though he again faced 40 shots, the Bécancour goalkeeper felt that his teammates were much more solid.

“It’s a good game overall. I'm happy with the effort of the team. From the second period, I think we were really solid. We cut the passing lines. It's a team that is good at entry and I think our defenders have done a good job on the blue line to limit their space. »

– Samuel Montembeault

On Friday, St-Louis was quick to brag about the way Montembeault rebounded from being dropped in front of the net. Saturday night, he was once again satisfied with his work.

“He kept us in the game. He played very well. I'm happy with the band and Monty did his job. »

– Martin St-Louis

Denis Gurianov hit the target for the fourth times in five games. He seems to be more and more comfortable in Martin St-Louis' system of play. Besides, he seems more inclined to take shots on net.

“It always depends on the situation. If my linemate gives me a pass and I get the chance to shoot, I'll do it. If there is a risk that the defender will block the shot, I will possibly go for a pass. »

– Denis Gurianov