“I just took away his legs”: Dana Borisova was denied entry to Ukraine

The star was ready to such decision of the SBU

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"Я вовремя унесла ноги": Дане Борисовой запретили въезд в Украину

Dana Borisova

Russian leading Dana Borisova, which in early July was able to freely get to Kiev, the security Service of Ukraine banned entry for three years. Note that in August 2017, she visited the annexed Crimea at the meeting with fans, and called the Russian Peninsula.

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The reaction of the stars on the decision of the SBU has not kept itself waiting. In a broadcast on Russian radio Dana Borisova said that it was very obvious. The actress also confessed that the recent working visit to Kyiv she liked, and the people were friendly to her.

“For me it’s absolutely predictable. I was waiting for this. The last days I was even afraid to the hotel to go back to sleep because there’s a figure, the CEC acted any differently insulted me, a person who violates a law called. This situation. I believe that in time I escaped, because I could close there at all, to prosecute. I really liked it there, I knew, people were coming up friendly. I negative, to be honest, I did not see”, – said the ban was Given.

Earlier it was reported that Dana Borisov rescued after a suicide attempt.

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