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The shooting took place on the Atlantic ocean

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"Я так сильно люблю": Виктор Павлик посвятил новый клип молодой возлюбленной

Viktor Pavlik

Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik, who exclusive said Today.Lifestyle about the plans about the wedding, has released a new video for the song “Konvalija”, which was shot on the Atlantic ocean in Portugal. 53-year-old artist has dedicated a romantic song to your 25-year-old lover Ekaterina Repacholi.

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The girl Viktor Pavlik spoke out about their relationship

Note that the pair only recently began to publicize their relationship, despite the fact that the Ukrainian artist meets with Kate for four years.

"Я так сильно люблю": Виктор Павлик посвятил новый клип молодой возлюбленной

Viktor Pavlik with Catherine Repacholi

As we told you earlier, Victor, his beloved significantly affects his work, tells him what music is hot and is also involved in the creative process. This also applies to recording songs and filming new videos.

Watch the new clip of Victor Pavlik for the song “Konvalija”:

“Every day I receive dozens of emails from authors of different songs. And as practice shows — there is nothing worthwhile. For this reason, lately, I’m not serious about such proposals. “Konvalija” came to me randomly, it is written for young and modern by the author. When I heard it for the first time, immediately understood — the song of youth and I will not do. After that, I listened to it again and again. She did not give me rest. I took a chance. This is a story about passion, about sincerity, about the affection of two native souls,” the musician wrote on his page in Instagram.

Earlier, Viktor Pavlik told about a difficult childhood and for which he is still ashamed.

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