“I need somebody to love”: TOP quotes of the legendary Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was August 16, 1977

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"Мне нужно кого-то любить": ТОП цитат легендарного Элвиса Пресли

The Legendary Elvis Presley

The legendary singer, king of rock and roll Elvis Presley died 16 August 1977. Today.Lifestyle remembered, as he was the king of rock-n-roll, and made the TOP 10 of its most striking quotes about life, popularity, and values.

Watch the video about how to hundreds of Elvises came to Australia on the festival:

The future singer was born in a poor American family, and career as a musician began in the Church choir. When he was 11 years old, the boy received a guitar as a gift and was really starting to get interested in music. When he graduated from school, got a job as a truck driver, but the fascination with the music of Elvis is not forgotten.

Later, in 1956, Elvis received worldwide fame, and his single Heartbreak Hotel sold more than a million copies.

It is noteworthy that Presley is loved by fans around the world not only with his voice and lyrics, but also their movements, which became the example to follow.

In 1973, he developed a drug addiction and began to have serious health problems. 16 August 1977 Elvis Presley died at his own estate in Memphis.

TOP 10 quotes of the king of rock-n-roll Elvis Presley:

Whatever I became, it would be what God chose for me.


To judge a man by his weakest link or weakest act is the same as to judge the power of the ocean by one wave.


My philosophy of life is simple: I need someone to love, something to wait and something to do.

It is important to try to have people who can give you a little bit of happiness, because live-that you once, buddy.


If things go wrong don’t go with them.


Values are like fingerprints. Everyone is different and they can be traced in all that you do.


The image is one thing, but the man himself is a different matter… it is Very difficult to match the image.


I’m not a king. Jesus Christ the king. I’m just an artist.

Truth like the sun. You can close it on time.


I can afford everything except what you want really.

Earlier, we wrote about how musician and actor he was enlisted in the U.S. army in the 3rd armored division.

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"Мне нужно кого-то любить": ТОП цитат легендарного Элвиса Пресли

"Мне нужно кого-то любить": ТОП цитат легендарного Элвиса Пресли

"Мне нужно кого-то любить": ТОП цитат легендарного Элвиса Пресли


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