“I need them….”: cancer deprived Galkina two relatives, husband Pugacheva gave her pain

"Мне надо за ними....": рак лишил Галкина сразу двух родных людей, муж Пугачевой выдал свою боль

Maksim Galkin photo: Movie Theater

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TV presenter and showman Maxim Galkin told how he managed to survive the most difficult period of his life. It is known that in 2002 the Pope humorist found the cancer. He died.

Two years later, followed by the mother. Parents Galkina, Natalia G. and Alexander, was sick with cancer. Maxim Galkin at the time was trying to do everything in order to cure loved ones from the disease.

“I first grew up, when they both had chemotherapy. They lay both in a terrible state, crushed chemistry. At the same time. And I have some concerts. I need for them… And to make it all… Thank God, I have very much money, could afford all this,” said the showman.

"Мне надо за ними....": рак лишил Галкина сразу двух родных людей, муж Пугачевой выдал свою боль

Maxim Galkin, Instagram

Dad the comedian was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died painfully and heavily, literally panting. Even in an oxygen mask to eat, not enough air.

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“The doctors said, “half an hour”. And you don’t want a man died in that mask, it would be hard in this mask. There is not enough oxygen. It’s a memory that stands before my eyes. It is impossible to forget”, – said Maxim Galkin.

The presenter recalled that the day before dad died I heard on the radio the old Soviet composition which is very like his father. Since then, when he faces difficult choices or challenges, every time stumbles upon this song on TV or radio.

“I treat this as a Hello from his father. I understand that most likely, I was actually up,” he added.

“As for my mom, I literally had to leave for a day and a half before it was gone from Israel, where she was treated. Sharply deteriorating. I think she had a feeling that she’s seeing me for the last time, not me,” – said Maxim Galkin.

Recall Pugacheva angry, Galkin lit “hot” body.

As reported Know. ua, Galkin reminded the fans looked like before Pugacheva.

Also Know As. ua wrote that generous Pugacheva gave the maid Orbakaite fortune.

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