“I realized that I live not in love but in a terrible dependence”: the ex-wife ginger of “Simons” made a loud statement

"Осознала, что живу совсем не в любви, а в жуткой зависимости": экс-жена рыжего из "Иванушек" сделала громкое заявление

Recently, it was reported on the divorce, the soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Andrei Grigoriev, Appolonova with his wife Marina Bankova. The network has found a Frank message to his previous sweetheart, in which she told about the causes of the melting.

The corresponding message found on the website “Do” local media reported.

Before meeting Marina Bankova Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo was a few years happy with Mary Lopatova. The actor even helped in promoting her own singing project. However, the lovers suddenly broke up.

"Осознала, что живу совсем не в любви, а в жуткой зависимости": экс-жена рыжего из "Иванушек" сделала громкое заявление

Lopatova told that he just loved the red of the “Manushak”, and were literally dependent.

“I remember thinking at night, when he slept near, and I touched his body with your hand. It seemed to me that, if it is not, I will die. Apparently, at the time and realized that I do not live in love, and in a terrible dependence on it,” said Maria.

It is also known that the woman lost the baby from Grigoryeva-Appolonova. After that, she fell into a depression.

“That winter I lost my long-awaited pregnancy. And not just lost, and barely survived one tube exploded in me. We both experienced the story. Both were afraid that we will not have more children, which actually happened … This terrible story somehow distanced us from each other”, – told ex-wife Appolonova.

Now Maria Lopatova claims that they have a good relationship. The corresponding message she published on the personal page in Instagram.

“Many did not believe that we are friends. And I know why you do not believe. Because they themselves do not know how. Come up with some crap, the terminology “ex”, some jealousy spin… and well, something about sex, which for some reason is/possible/inevitable with the exes. The impression that not sleeping with anyone,” the message reads Lopatova.

Recall that redhead from “Simons” lost his wife: involved in basketball.

As reported Znayu Angelina Jolie was walking his grown-up son: the network leaked the controversial photos.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, the woman that lived the soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev showed the marriage certificate.


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