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Je reste chez nous

Blow of heart


All the pirates have a disability

Yannick De Martino invites us into his unique universe in this new podcast inititulé All the pirates have a disability. The comedian delves into his notebooks, which have been used to design this show solo and presents to us her thoughts singular. Why the super heroes never make the moral? How is it that a horse feels at the side of a car? In this period a little more difficult, this podcast refreshing well-being.

The first episode is available from the 1st June on OHdio

I rest


The insects of Quebec and other arthropod terrestrial

The entomologist and entrepreneur Stephen Normandin lists over 2000 insects in this book, which includes more than 3300 photos. This guide is more than perfect for those who want to learn about entomology!

Released today


Lampshading – Hate It Too

The group of punk rock Hate It Too has chosen to renew themselves in this new album called Lampshading. The quartet, Trois-Pistoles has played with the tempos in their new compositions in addition to tender sometimes to the sounds of prog, emo and metal.

Released may 22,


The thin red line

Here’s your chance to see this film nominated for seven academy awards since it will be broadcast on Télé-Québec this evening. The thin red line into the heart of the battle of Guadalcanal in 1942, while the Japanese and the Americans engage in a war without precedent on a paradise island inhabited by melanesian tribes peaceful. The work, adapted from the novel by James Jones, leads us to reflect on human behavior.

Tonight at 21h on Télé-Québec

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