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The Legacy of the Kami of Valerie Harvey

The author Valerie Harvey will launch virtually his book The Legacy of the Kami tonight thanks to the O-Taky Manga Lounge. The new novel, youth is in the north of Japan, as for the previous works of the author. It follows the twins Mikio and Tatsumi, who came from a family who practice the magic of fire. The brother and the sister train to get the same powers as their parents, but a japanese god will come shuffling the cards.

Tonight at 17h. To reserve a space, visit the otakulounge.com

I rest


Quatuor Bozzini

The montreal quartet made up of Clemens Merkel, Stéphanie Bozzini, Isabelle Bozzini and Alissa Cheung will be a live concert tonight in the context of the Suoni Per Il Popolo. The Bozzini Quartet will play between other extracts Warblework Cassandra Miller, a work inspired by the singing of birds.

This evening at 20h15 for the suoniperilpopolo.org/fr/live


23 days in the heart of a hospital in Belgium

In the context of the Major news stories, the documentary 23 days in the heart of a hospital in Belgium will be aired tonight. Even if it takes place in another country, we can still imagine what living the “guardian angels” quebec seeing this story. The director, Olivier Evrard, has almost become a member of the health care team over the shooting. He won the confidences touching.

Tonight at 20h at RDI


BBQ health

Genevieve O Gleman we offer, with this new book, a ton of idea’s to try this summer. Be it kebabs, burgers, marinades or even desserts grilled, the nutritionist provides recipes for all tastes and it is healthy! Good barbecue!

Released 3 June

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