I stay at we

Je reste chez nous

Blow of heart


All of Quebec, in unison

The grand spectacle de la Fête nationale du Québec will be aired tonight on the four main channels. Ariane Moffatt and Pierre Lapointe will lead the evening that will be high in emotions as the artists will play to an empty room. The Three Agreements, Émile Bilodeau, Lara Fabian, Hubert Lenoir and Sisters Boulay will be among others of the party. The speech is patriotic will be in the form of tales written and delivered by Fred Pellerin, Elisapie, David Goudreault and Christine Beaulieu. A night that promises!

Tonight at 20h on Radio-Canada, TVA, Télé-Québec and V

I rest


Celebrate the Saint-Jean-Baptiste

To mark the Fête nationale du Québec, the platform for streaming music QUB Music has designed a playlist with a duration of 24 hours. The songs bring together quebec artists, from all eras. Beautiful Damage to Safia Nolin passing by Dubmatique, Loud, Malajube and Paul Piché, there is something for everyone!

List reading now available on the platform of QUB Music


The exile is worth the trip

Dany Laferrière has published a new novel designed under the theme of exile. This time the author had wanted to talk about the exile without associating it with pain as many tend to do. This is the best montreal, Laferrière as he tells of his arrival in 1976, but also his life in the city that he adopted as his new home.

Released on 16 June


ADISQ made a scene

The first three episodes of this series that delves into the life of touring artists are now available. The public will discover the behind-the-scenes tours of Sarahmée, Matiu and Lou-Adriane Cassidy. The production of the capsules had to be put on pause with the pandemic, then the other episodes will not be soon.

Available at palmaresadisq.ca/en/videos/ladisq-makes-a-scene

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