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The world according to Amazon

Directed by Adrien, Pinon, and Thomas Lafarge with a narration by Richard Desjardins, the documentary The world according to Amazon is raising the profile of the company to explosive growth. Product in 2019, just before the outbreak of the COVID-19, the film offers an overview of how the company functions, the aspirations of its president and CEO, Jezz Bezos, became the richest man in the world, and the even more important place that Amazon might occupy in the world economy within a few years. A documentary to see to grasp the full extent of this global company with many ramifications.

Available on tou.tv since 26 April

I remain:


Invent cliffs – Fred Labrie

The author-composer-performer Fred Labrie proposed last Friday a new album in career, called Invent of the cliffs. The artist reveals the sounds of an alternative rock convincing and assumed. Fred Labrie has won the audience award at Petite-Vallée in 2016 and he released a first EP, entitled The thuds, in 2012, and a first full length album, entitled Into the smoke clear, in 2015.

Offered since June 19,


Anan – Lili Boisvert

The journalist and host Lili Boisvert published his first novel, entitled Anan, volume 1: The prince, the first volume of a trilogy of fantasy that takes place in the kingdom of Anan, a powerful State matriarchal still undefeated, who can see suddenly its stability and prosperity challenged.

In bookshops since June 17


Figure deserted – Flora

The duo of musicians Of Flora, consisting of Sarah LaCombe (vocals, synthesizers, guitar) and Mathieu Gauthier (guitars, bass, beatbox, loop, vocals), announced Friday its first EP in their career, entitled Figure deserted, through which the duo offers sounds of electro-pop. The duo will also offer a live show via the page facebook.com/ICINordOntario next Friday at 19h.

Offered since June 19,

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