I stay at we

Je reste chez nous

Blow of heart :

Show : The Empress

Having had to cancel 60 concerts around the world in the next year because of the pandemic of the Covid-19, training The Empress now offers a virtual tour of a dozen dates. Each concert will be unique, full of surprises and original songs, and will be broadcast live. The group “Things Wild” will take care of the first part for the show in Montreal.

This evening at 20h. The notes and the distribution platform are accessible through the page Facebook of The Empress

I remain :


Dark – Season 3

The third season of the popular series of German “Dark” is now available on Netflix. Through this series of science-fiction, it follows in particular the course of the police officer Ulrich Nielsen who is desperately trying to find his missing son, Mikkel, aged 12 years.

Available from the 27th of June on Netflix


Super Mario

The team “Weighs in on Start” organized this evening a quiz 100% Super Mario released on the platform Twitch so to celebrate the launch of the game “Paper Mario: The Origami King!”. The quiz will be free of charge, animated live, and will be divided in three components: a round, audio round and visual round of questions. The universe of Super Mario will be explored.

This evening at 18: 30 on the platform Twitch


Portrait of the girl on fire

Directed by Céline Sciamma, the film “Portrait of the girl on fire” will be screened this afternoon at the cinéma Beaubien. The plot unfolds in 1770, in Brittany, and follows the daily lives of Heloise, a young woman seeking to escape an arranged marriage she does not want.

Today at 10: 40 am at the Cinéma Beaubien – 2396 Beaubien street East

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