“I try not to watch”: Oleg Vinnik surprised recognition

The singer remembered the first time I felt star

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"Стараюсь на себя не смотреть": Олег Винник удивил признанием

Oleg Vinnik

Behind the scenes holiday show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”, which TV channel “Ukraine” will show on Independence Day, 24 August, 20:00, Oleg Vinnik remembered the first time I feel like a star. Despite immense popularity, the Ukrainian artist still refers to its recognition.

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About this actor told in an interview to journalists of TV channel “Ukraine”.

“I can’t remember where and when I first saw myself on TV… maybe when I still lived abroad. But that was very unusual. Do artists usually difficult to watch, it always seems that it can be better, always want to change something. So I try not to watch, and there is no time for that now”, – said Oleg winnick behind the scenes of the show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”.

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But relatives and close people, in recognition of the singer, do not miss the ethers with his participation.

“I remember that he called my mom and said when, on what channel will show the concert with me. Knew that otherwise she’ll worry all night will not sleep. This is the mom! Although mom is not here, God rest her soul, but I’m very happy that she had the opportunity to be proud of me. For me it is very important that parents be proud of me,” said the singer in interview to TV channel “Ukraine”.

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Recall that in the holiday show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!” ignite Tina Karol, Oleg Vinnik, Max Barsky, Sergey Babkin, Alyosha, ALEKSEEV, Michelle Andrade, TAYANNA, TARABAROVA, JERRY HEIL, as well as a group “Time and Glass”, “MOZGI”, KAZKA, DZIDZIO, “Antitila”, “NEANGELY”, “БЕZ you like”, KADNAY, Freedom-jazz, LETAY. Director holiday was Elena Kolyadenko and leading – Alexander skichko. The television version of the show the audience of the channel “Ukraine” will see 24 August at 20:00 in the framework of festive air, devoted to the independence Day of Ukraine.

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"Стараюсь на себя не смотреть": Олег Винник удивил признанием

"Стараюсь на себя не смотреть": Олег Винник удивил признанием

"Стараюсь на себя не смотреть": Олег Винник удивил признанием


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