“I understand that you have to work,” the girl burst into tears after removal Instagram

Jesse Taylor threw a tantrum after her account was deleted

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"Поняла, что придется работать": девушка разрыдалась после удаления Instagram

Jesse Taylor

The girl that was signed by 113 thousand users at Instagram, threw a tantrum after her account was deleted for an unknown reason. Jesse Taylor recorded a whole video, where in tears, explained that social networks are only suitable for her way of earning, according to LadBible.

“I know that people like to see me fall down and get closer to them. But working nine hours a day is not for me. I’m in Los Angeles and don’t want to be like everyone else,” says Jesse Taylor.

On the emotions of the blogger also admitted that he had worked as a prostitute and doesn’t want to revisit it.

“I have to pay for College 20 thousand dollars, and until I do, I can’t go back to school. I was a failure before he achieved popularity. I have no qualifications and I can never find a normal job,” she says.

However, Jesse has already created a new account and the video with its revelations on YouTube gained about 200 thousand hits. But netizens still shocked by such a confession.

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