“I understood that she had fallen”: where are the searches to find the two French women who disappeared in Greece ?

Two French women have been missing on the island of Sikinos, in Greece, since Friday June 14, 2024, i.e. for seven days. Research continues on this small Cyclades island to find these tourists aged 64 and 73.

"Firefighters, police officers with a dog, drones, but also many volunteers from the island are on the ground trying to find them but we still have no news" quot;,  assured police spokesperson Konstantina Dimoglidou, quoted in particular by RMC.

The search for two French tourists missing on the Greek island of Sikinos, in the Cyclades archipelago, since Friday June 14, 2024 continues. local authorities managed to determine the area where the two French women disappeared, in the south of the island. Authorities fear the hikers were trapped in a steep, arid area.

"She didn't feel well"

On the morning of Friday June 14, 2024, one of the French women sent an SMS to the owner of the hotel where she was staying, explaining to him that she &quot had tripped", that she had "had a fall" and that’ she "did not feel well", explained Vassilis Marakis, the mayor of Sikinos, this Sunday June 16 on the ANT1 channel, taken up by BFM in particular. Her message was accompanied by a photograph showing her lying on the ground, he added.

"No more replies"

"I understood that she had fallen (…).&nbsp ;I asked him to send me his GPS position but I didn't get a response after that", added the& ;#39;hotelier, cited in particular by BFM.

According to the Greek television channel Mega, the daughter of one of the missing, Françoise, is in Sikinos to help with the search. According to Nice-Matin, relatives of Marie-Pierre were on their way this Wednesday, June 19, 2024 to the small Cyclades island.


The disappearance of the two French women comes as three foreign tourists were found dead in one week in Greece. Most of these people had undertaken hikes under the blazing sun, while the heatwave was raging in Greece.

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