“I use humor in freedom”

& ldquo; I & rsquo; I use humor in freedom & rdquo; & rdquo;

MISE & Agrave; JOUR

Ghislain Taschereau has a 30-year career in humor, is part of comedy groups that have marked television and will forever be associated with the character of Bob Binette. He now devotes himself to writing full time; a way of life and creation that suits him well.

Ghislain Taschereau will be 60 in 2022. And it is certainly not the age that will prevent him from being as irreverent as when he started out. On the contrary, the one who was an actor, narrator and director has found the perfect job to bring to life without compromise all the characters trotting in his head. & Nbsp;

“I want to write two books a year until I die,” laughs the man who founded his own publishing house, Les Éditions de l'Individu. Writing is pretty much all I want to do. It is the form of creation that offers the most freedom and the form of communication that comes closest to telepathy. When I write, I purify my thoughts, I go as directly as possible. & Nbsp; “

He expected – after being on TV for years with the comedy shows 100 Limite , Les Bleu Poudre and Tease the planet – to one day become a publisher and author?

“Not at all! But I am proud of my books. I indulge myself and that has always been my way of doing things: I manage to be proud of myself and to do business that is unlike anything else. & Nbsp; “

And we can say that the short “amouristic” novels that make up the HilareCoquin series (he plays with the codes of the Harlequin novel) are happily like nothing! After having published seven novels with different publishers – including the Inspector Specteur trilogy which has sold more than 60,000 copies – the author returns with this collection whose game with form, as well as with background, makes it vibrate. & nbsp;

Twisting the clichés & nbsp;

First there was The teeth of love in 2020, then Love in all its seams , the novel he came to present at the last Book Fair. & nbsp;

“& Nbsp; I revisit famous characters with a humorous touch, like Dracula and Frankenstein, continues the one who went to isolate himself at François Pérusse's chalet to work on his first writings. I twist pictures of these characters. I'm going to the end of vampirism or body reconstruction. & Nbsp; “

Thanks to the free time imposed by the pandemic, this is not one, but two new novels that the one that promises not to never censor myself wrote last winter. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“& nbsp; With writing, I find myself without constraint, I just need a paper and a pencil, and I can do anything & nbsp; “, says the author who will attack Tarzan” & nbsp; white man raised in the jungle & nbsp; ” in his next book, due for publication in February.

And if he knows that there is a certain snobbery surrounding humor and literature – in the literary world and among booksellers – it is not. will not prevent taking the whole while laughing, while giving itself a mandate of popular education. Because making people laugh, on TV as between the pages of a novel, is serious work. & Nbsp;

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