“I want to remain the memory about me”: unrealistic rejuvenated Pugacheva made fans cry

"Хочу, чтобы осталась память обо мне": нереально помолодевшая Пугачева заставила фанов рыдать

April 15, the anniversary celebrated the legendary singer Alla Pugacheva. The diva turned 70 years old. On April 17, will be a big concert of the prima Donna, dedicated to its anniversary.

In the hall she was supported by friends and colleagues, and in the finale of the evening came on stage the relatives of the Diva, including her husband and little Harry and Lisa. From the stage sounded not only the familiar hits and new compositions that the artist made for the event. The tickets were sold out before the concert and among the guests of the evening were not only the relatives of the prima Donna but also her colleagues.

In a network there are many photos and videos from the anniversary concert of the prima Donna.

Pugacheva few months preparing for the show. She engaged in singing and was treated with every musical number. The audience especially remembered the costumes of the Divas. During one of the numbers she appeared on stage in lush red skirt, black turtleneck, with funny tails. Fans noted that the artist had a happy and cheerful look.

We will remind, in a network published an old photo of Alla Pugacheva which it captured during a holiday in Zaporozhye resort.

Previously Know This.ia reported the popular singer, ex-soloist of group “Tea for two” Stas Kostyushkin tattoo in honor of the anniversary of the prima Donna.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote Svetlana Loboda posted a joint photo with her daughter, as well as Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin.


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