“I wanted to support Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest, but then remembered…”: Prytula shared hot the MARUV

"Хотел болеть за Украину на Евровидении, но тут вспомнил...": Притула поделился жарким снимком MARUV

It is known that on Tuesday, may 14, in the Israeli capital hosted the first semifinal of the international song contest “Eurovision 2019”. It is worth mentioning that the famous Ukrainian showman, TV presenter Sergey Prytula became a commentator on the events in Ukraine.

So, on his page in Facebook Sergey has posted a very funny photo collage with the singer MARUV: in the picture Prytula replaced face actress its. In the description he also mentioned that he would comment on the stream of the contest.

"Хотел болеть за Украину на Евровидении, но тут вспомнил...": Притула поделился жарким снимком MARUV

“I wanted to write “let’s cheer for Ukraine together”, but remembered that MARUV did not go. Sorry…” – says the showman.

“Sergey, and we hide from such a figure?”, “What makes people stay ?! Egyptian power!” This photo made my day. Thanks for the good mood”, “Style so nothing but the color is not yours! Clearly pink would be best!” – joking subscribers Sergei in the comments.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian comedian, actor and presenter Sergey Pritula often share news of its stellar life with fans on his page in Instagram. His posts are never boring and often flavored with good humor. So this time Prytula decided to ask the fans a question about Eurovision. As it turned out, the broadcaster became the commentator of the competition in the Ukrainian translation.

On his page on the social network Sergei Pritula has published a video that appeals to subscribers asking for someone to hurt at the song contest “Eurovision 2019”, in which Ukraine this year can not participate. It is noteworthy that Pritula appeals to people in the Russian language that did not like his fans, but this is trolling.

We will remind, Danilko was having with my mom Serduchka at the Eurovision capital 2019: vivid photo.

As reported Znayu wife Prytula showed off a perfect figure in a swimsuit: photos.

Znayu wrote, Prytula did nice in Egypt: “Meet eyes, smile, show hand”.


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