“I was no longer capable!”: The former mayor of Trois-Rivières lifts the veil on the real reasons for his departure

& ldquo; I am no longer able! & rdquo ;: the ex-mayor de Trois-Rivi & egrave; res unveils the real reasons for his departure

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In December 2018, the mayor of Trois-Rivières Yves Lévesque abruptly resigned from his functions. & nbsp;

The one who had been at the head of the city for 17 years had been absent since the fall due to health problems, details of which were unknown until now.

Almost three years later, he lifts the veil on the real reasons for his departure.

“I was exhausted, I was no longer able!” […] At one point I was in an event, I couldn't see anything, I couldn't even speak, ”he says in an interview with TVA Trois-Rivières.

Sueurs cold, nausea, intense stress, he who is recognized as a man with character and many projects has made the decision to leave municipal politics before giving in completely.

“There is no price for health. It was not easy back then. There was a lot of opposition, I was stressed before each municipal council, ”continues the former magistrate.

After a forced break, Yves Lévesque tried his luck during the two federal election campaigns, in title of star candidate for the Conservative Party. & nbsp;

He does not draw a line on politics and says that today his health and morale are good.

He also encourages men to put their pride aside when difficult situations arise and to seek help, even if the subject is still taboo.

Even before the pandemic, 24% of men were at a high level of psychological distress, according to the Institut de la statistique du Québec.

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