“I went to the contest with the stigma”: the Marina Kios on participation in “Miss Ukraine 2019”

24-year-old participant told how sister have influenced the results of the vote

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"Я шла на конкурс с клеймом":  Марина Киосе об участии в "Мисс Украина 2019"

“Miss International 2019” Marina Kios

On September 12 at the Palace “Ukraine” held an annual beauty contest “Miss Ukraine”, and the result of the voting determined the winner – 24-year-old girl from the town of Margaret Pasha. Also another honorary title “Miss international” was the Chios Marina. Her involvement has become one of the most controversial – was that the Director of the contest Victoria Kios her sister. 24-the summer inhabitant of Odessa began to accuse that the crown she received unjustly.

Watch the complete interview with “Miss Ukraine 2019” Margarita Pasha and “Miss international 2019” by Marina Kios:

In an interview Today.Lifestyle Marina commented on all the negative rumors and frankly told whether her sister influenced the results of the jury vote.

“My sister Victoria was part of the jury, as it is written. First, she said nothing and didn’t vote, she didn’t even have bulletins! Second, the time on stage when I first went to the finals, and then I returned to the scene – coincidence. Just not all of the jury handed over the papers and the presenter then said that there was a recount of votes”, – says Marina.

"Я шла на конкурс с клеймом":  Марина Киосе об участии в "Мисс Украина 2019"

Marina Kios with his sister Victoria

Marina admits that the Sorority on the contrary has complicated her participation in the contest, because it has arisen most of all questions. The girl had to prove she’s worthy to be in the final and to the crown of the main beauty of Ukraine. Moreover, Chios was able to make friends with other participants who provided her support, what was for me a real surprise.

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“I went to the contest with the stigma – the Director’s sister. But, to my surprise, girls are very supported me. Heard the phrase from them: “Marina, if you win, you can’t be”. It is so nice! I was the sister of the Director of the competition and I was twice as difficult, rather than easier. I had to win the love of not just girls, but everyone. And what I’ve won? Yes, just being herself. The Sorority played no role,” she admitted.

Also in an interview with the winner of the Ukrainian beauty contest Margarita Pasha and Marina Kios openly talked about the intrigue behind the scenes, secret admirers and affair with the sponsor of the contest.

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