“I wonder how I became normal” – pet Loboda tortured and alcohol abuse in the family

"Удивляюсь, как я стал нормальным" - любимца Лободы измучили алкоголь и издевательства в семье

Max Barskih, screenshot from YouTube

today, 12:20

Popular Ukrainian singer and favorite Svetlana Loboda Max Barskih told about how his father beat him as a kid. He noted that to improve relations failed even in adulthood. He told this in an interview with a former bride of Vitaly Kozlovsky “rumor”.

“Dad often beat mom and me. He had a real problem with alcohol. I often recall my childhood and wonder how I managed to become a normal person. I do not blame mother and father because it all depends on the conditions of life. When a person cannot find happiness, he is doing strange and pointless things”, – he told.

"Удивляюсь, как я стал нормальным" - любимца Лободы измучили алкоголь и издевательства в семье

Ramin and Max Barsky, photo: rumor has it

The actor said that his father was a very kind man, but disastrous relationship has become an obstacle for its development. He noted that in his time the father could drink as much alcohol that I could not talk.

However, this example of his father helped max in adult life, always keep yourself cool and not do anything rash.

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So, in 2018 Barsky invited the father to participate in the video for the song “February”. However, even after the shooting they were not able to start the communication. So, shortly after the shooting, the father died, but it was not touched by max, because between him and the father was a long gap of many years.

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Recall, a favorite Loboda staged a “party of the year”.

As reported Know. ua, ex Kozlowski Ramina “divorced” pet Loboda on revelation.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Max Barskih is preparing to shoot a music video-blockbuster in Hollywood.

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