IAEA wants to “avoid a nuclear accident” at the occupied Ukrainian plant

The IAEA wants to “avoid a nuclear accident


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) aspires to “avoid a nuclear accident” at the Zaporizhia power plant (southern Ukraine), occupied by Russian troops, said its director General Rafaelo Grossi, who heads the mission that arrived in the area on Wednesday. 

“It's a mission that seeks to avoid a nuclear accident and to preserve this important nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe,” Grossi told reporters in the town of Zaporizhia, about 50 kilometers by plane. bird of the plant.

The IAEA inspection mission led by Mr. Grossi, received by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the day before in Kyiv, left the capital early Wednesday morning. According to the Russian agency TASS, citing a pro-Russian official, the delegation is due to arrive at the plant on Thursday.

“We have a very, very important job to do there, to assess the real situation, to help stabilize the situation as much as possible,” Grossi said in Kyiv in the morning. “We are going to spend a few days there.”

He said he had received security guarantees from the Russian and Ukrainian authorities.

IAEA wants to 'avoid nuclear accident' at occupied Ukrainian power plant

The IAEA wants to

“These operations are very complex: we are going to a war zone, we are going to an occupied territory,” the official stressed.

Kyiv and Moscow have been accusing each other for weeks of several bombardments targeting the site of the plant.