Ian Anthony Dale (Hawaii 5-0) reacts to the departure of Grace Park (Kono) : “It is a pity”

Hawaii 5-0 : Ian Anthony Dale interview on PRBK

The team of Hawaii 5-0 is back on M6, with the episodes of season 9. A season marked change for Adam, played by Ian Anthony Dale. PRBK was able to meet the actor, last June at the Festival of television of Monte Carlo 2019. He speaks to us about the evolution of his character but also of the departure of Grace Park, who played his wife, Kono, in the series.

In July 2017, were being taught to the departure of two members of the flagship team Hawaii 5-0 : Grace Park (Kono) and Daniel Dae Kim (Chin). According to rumors, the CBS channel that is broadcasting the series across the Atlantic would have refused to align the salaries of the two actors on those of Alex O’loughlin and Scott Caan, launching a heated debate. But how do the other stars of the show have they experienced these departures ?

“It was complicated, but it has brought the good”

PRBK posed the question to Ian Anthony Dale. This as soon as season 2 of Hawaii 5-0, who played Adam became a regular in season 8, after the departure of the one who embodied his wife, Kono. At our microphone, he said that he had been very close to Grace Park, but also of Daniel Dae Kim. “When they are gone… I found that it was a pity but I know that they are very beautiful things now.” we there explained, adding : “Know that they still have so much success, it makes this situation easier. For me, there was a little apprehensive to get back in the series without Kono. (…) It was complicated but it has brought the good.”

Adam finally in the team

In the season 9 of Hawaii 5-0, Adam joined officially the team. A positive step forward and very much expected by Ian Anthony Dale. “Like the fans I said to myself : “It’s time !” (…) It was great !” we he revealed. “From the beginning, when we meet Adam during season 2, he really tries to save his father, he puts the team in danger to save a person for whom he is close. His intentions are honorable and pure from the start. What Peter always told me, is to imagine that Adam is still a good guy, a good guy who is always found at the wrong place at the wrong time. (…) It has gone through everything ! He has done everything to earn the trust and respect of Kono and the team. In season 9, he gets his gun and his badge and that is pretty remarkable. To have this past to, and succeed to develop this trust with the team. It is a true joy to play.” confesses the actor.

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Interview by Aubéry Mallet. Exclusive content. Not to mention, without mentioning PRBK.

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