Ian Somerhalder always in contact with Paul Wesley : “This is my little brother”

Ian Somerhalder toujours en contact avec Paul Wesley : "C'est mon petit frère"

Ian Somerhalder always in contact with Paul Wesley

On the occasion of his return in a series with V-Wars, available on Thursday 5 December on Netflix, Ian Somerhalder has spoken on his role, but also on The Vampire Diaries. The occasion for the ex-singer of Damon Salvatore to reveal that, yes, he is still in contact with Paul Wesley that he considers as his brother.

During 8 years, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley brothers have played Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. Two characters, opposites who have lived the complicated story (hello Elena) but who have forged a friendship strong and lasting between the two actors. Even two years after the end of the series, those who played Damon and Stefan are still complicit.

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, a friendship that lasts

If they have turned the page on The Vampire Diaries with new professional projects (Paul Wesley is in the casting of Tell Me A Story in which season 2 begins this Thursday, December 5, in the USA, and Ian Somerhalder is the star of V-Wars, which comes out on the same day on Netflix), the two ex-stars of TVD are always on very good terms. “We had an adventure 10 years all the two, it is part of my family. This is my little brother. We talk all the days,” confided Ian Somerhalder in an interview with the site Girlfriend about Paul Wesley. The two actors are so close that they have even created a business : they are launching soon their brand of Bourbon (consume with moderation of course). “Apart from the fact that they were in love with Elena, the other thing that these two brothers were drinking Bourbon.” recalls the actor.

Moments of doubts during The Vampire Diaries

Always for Girlfriend, Ian Somerhalder also spoke about his periods of doubt during The Vampire Diaries and confided that he did not always agree with the writers on the trajectory of his character. “I remember that during season 2, I called Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec (co-creators of the series, editor’s note), almost in tears because I was pissed of the trajectory of Damon. I thought he was going to remain a badass, quirky, funny, sexy and whimsical. They explained to me that this man evolved. That there must have been times when it would fall, would love, would be injured, and traverse things like all of us. (…) In the end, they were right. The vulnerability that Damon is part of it. It was a good lesson,” admits the actor.

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