Icelandic whalers kill endangered blue whales

                                Исландские китобои убивают вымирающих голубых китов

In violation of international law Kvalur company convicted of an environmental organization Hard To Port.

A group of environmentalists accused the Icelandic whalers in catching the blue whale, which is endangered.

The whaling company Kvalur denies this fact. However, the photos taken by a non-profit organization Hard To Port, which opposes whaling, the employees cut up the carcass of the blue whale. This species is protected not only Icelandic, but also international law.

“It is regrettable that reckless and irresponsible actions of a single company cast a shadow on the reputation of the whole country,” commented Arne Feuerhahn, representative Hard To Port.

Express info by country

Iceland is an island country located in the Northern part of the Atlantic ocean.

                                Исландские китобои убивают вымирающих голубых китов


                                Исландские китобои убивают вымирающих голубых китов

Coat of arms

                                Исландские китобои убивают вымирающих голубых китов

The Capital – Reykjavik

Largest city: Reykjavik, Kopavogur, Hafnarfjordur, Akureyri

Form of government – parliamentary Republic

Territory – 103 125 km2 (105th in the world)

Population – 317,35 thousand people (177-I am in the world)

The official language is Icelandic

Religion – Lutheran

HDI – 0,899 (16th in the world)

GDP – $of 17.03 billion (113th in the world)

Currency – Icelandic Krona

                                Исландские китобои убивают вымирающих голубых китов

Despite the moratorium of the International whaling Commission, established on the commercial hunting of whales in Iceland are allowed to catch whales-the fin whale. Therefore, the Director of the whaling company Christian Loftsson argues “that it is a hybrid of fin and blue whales”. However, the organization Hard To Port States that it was not a hybrid and, especially, not a fin.

Experts of another environmental organization Sea Shepherd agree that photos of the blue whale. They also claim that the whale is the 22nd in a row, killed by the company for the season.

The Icelandic government has promised to investigate the incident, going to conduct DNA tests to put an end to this scandal.

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