Identify the key signs of low immunity

Названы основные признаки снижения иммунитета

How to recognize the weakening of the immune systemIll, the person is aware of his immunity fell, fell. But doctors say that a symptom of low immunity can be not only obvious disease. There are other symptoms, which indicates the decrease in the protective forces of the body, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

Symptom 1: fatigue. Modern life with its lack of sleep and stress at work does not cause fatigue. However, lower immune strength against fatigue there are other negative signs. For example, the phenomenon of the herpes if you experience loss of strength and constant drowsiness he says about a possible failure in the immune system.

Characteristic 2: the inability for a long time on something to concentrate. Bad concentration with a General feeling of poor well-being is often a symptom of low immunity. This is due to the fact that the body collects all the forces and resources to resolve a weakening of the immune system, and multitasking is not enough.

Symptom 3: problems with the skin. Suddenly many pimples, frequent allergic skin reactions, which became more visible wrinkles – all it is a signal that the immune system is not all right. Leather is one of the components of the immune system

Sign 4: disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. More and more scientific studies indicate that the condition of the intestines related to the functions of the immune system. The reducing immunity correlates with the death of the beneficial bacterial flora and rapid development of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms that produce large amount of toxins. Because of this, you may experience unexplained nausea, upset his chair.

Sign 5: swollen lymph nodes. Doctors say that lymph nodes increase even if the body is micropeplinae. Some diseases that develop very slowly, over 10-20 years, may also affect the decrease in immunity, although the doctors often do not define. Against the background of these ailments are also enlarged lymph nodes.


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