Identity crisis at the PLQ: an essential and important shift, says Anglade

Identity crisis at the PLQ: an essential and important shift, says Anglade

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The leader of the Quebec Liberal Party admits that the progressive “big shift” she is leading within her party will not be without grumbling, but it is essential. & nbsp;

Since the start of his first congress as head of the PLQ, Dominique Anglade has had to defend the very progressive turn of his training and the criticisms of his own activists. & nbsp;

“It's part of the reality of a changing party. The moment you decide to make a turn, there are going to be reactions from people who have campaigned for the party and who may not agree, ”Anglade said at a press briefing on Saturday morning. “The Liberal Party is being redefined. It’s obvious that there are people who are wondering how it’s going to work out. It is a party that debates, it is a party of ideas. I expect a strong exchange. That's a good thing. “& Nbsp; & nbsp;

However, she said, the status quo was unthinkable following the harsh election result of 2018. “We have a huge transformation goal,” said Ms. Anglade. & nbsp;

However, some party proposals are accused of being too leftist, which has earned a comparison with Quebec Solidaire in recent days. & nbsp;

A label that the chef has been rejecting since the start of the weekend. & nbsp;

“Our training is making a shift that is important. We are reviving the idea of ​​major projects for Quebec, “said Ms. Anglade. & nbsp;

ECO project complex

This great social project is ECO. This is an ambitious $ 100 billion economic and ecological project in partnership with the private sector. & nbsp;

A project focused on a gigantic plan to nationalize green hydrogen. & nbsp;

A complex project difficult to explain to citizens, admitted Ms. Anglade. She knows that the challenge of convincing voters will be great between now and the election. & nbsp;

“Before explaining what green hydrogen is, I think we should talk about a social project. To say that ecology and the economy will be one, “said the leader of the PLQ. “& Nbsp; We must recognize that we have a major issue in terms of climate change and that Quebec is capable of finding a solution.” & Nbsp;

For the moment, Ms. Anglade is talking about energy saving and its desire to significantly increase water charges. & nbsp;

Bourassa & nbsp;

There have certainly been criticisms for a few days, but the opening of the congress also allowed activists to give their support for the leader of the PLQ. & nbsp;

The director general of the Liberal Party of Quebec from 1970 to 1978, Ronald Poupart, moreover threw flowers at Ms. Anglade, comparing her to one of the greatest builders in Quebec. “She reminds me of Robert Bourassa,” he said. “With Dominique, we will be a social democratic party.” & Nbsp;

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