If FC Lviv again to beat Shakhtar after 10-year hiatus? Match preview

Чи зможе ФК «Львів» знову обіграти «Шахтар» після 10-річної перерви? Прев'ю матчу

Gornyak Marlos can score the 45th goal in the Premier League

FC Lviv – Shakhtar

Referee: Sergey Boyko (Ivankov), spent 94 games in the Premier League.

The history of meetings

Just played two games: +1=0-1, 2-2 goals – all in the Premier League. On the field the lions – one matches: +1=0-0, goals 2-0.

The last match on the pitch in Lviv. 20.07.2008. FC Lviv – Shakhtar – 2:0. Goals: 1:0 – V. Panas (22), 2:0 V. Fedorchuk (89).

Interesting facts and possible events

400th away match of Shakhtar in the championship.

Shakhtar are without draws in the Championships from November 5, 2017 22 matches: 17 victories and five defeats.

Gornyak Marlos can score the 45th goal in the Premier League.

“Lions” it is a home match with Shakhtar opened the score of their games in the Premier League.

Losing home club antirekordnaya series lions in the championship lasts for three matches, while the citizens lose with the same score 0:1.

For his second club in the Premier League as head coach debuts Yuriy Bakalov, who in 2010-2011, and 2013 was headed by the Kiev “Arsenal” (57 games).

Yuriy Bakalov at the helm of various clubs of the Premier League may celebrate the 20-th victory.

With the start of the season in the “miner” were involved in nine Brazilians, and in “Lviv” — 7.

Shakhtar refereeing Sergey Boyko has suffered only two defeats in 15 matches, scoring goals in all games.

Sergey Boyko has played just one match involving the lions and recorded the defeat of the bulls.

Source: website of the Premier League

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