If this is your first Android tablet, here are the steps to follow to set it up properly

If this is your first Android tablet, here are the steps to set it up properly


Here is a short guide to properly configure an Android tablet, whether new or factory reset. Make sure you have a working Wi-Fi wireless network and its password. 

Note that manufacturers who install the Android operating system in their tablets may make some changes in the configuration process as well as in the use of the software.

But overall, the configuration steps differ little from those shown here.

At the first start, the configuration procedure is launched and a welcome window appears where you can choose the system language. Once done, type Start.

At the next window, you will find the usual terms of use that must be accepted.

Then comes the connection to your Wi-Fi network, find it among the networks detected by the tablet, select it and type your password. If your tablet is a 4G or 5G cellular model with SIM card, you can use this connection as long as your Internet data plan is good enough to download any updates.

Next step, that of transferring applications and data from another tablet or phone if this is the case and follow the instructions. Don't copy them if you want a completely blank tablet.

Galaxy Tab S tablet

Google account or not?

There is the famous question of having or not having a Google account, which allows you to install and buy applications and games from the Google Play store. Without this account, the use of the tablet then becomes very limited.

If you create a new account, all advertising tracking functions will be activated by default. I suggest you computer to open a new Google account on your favorite browser and review the activities to disable. More info at the end of this text.

Once your Google account is set to your preferences, continue setting up your tablet's Android software by typing your Google ID and password.

After that, enable or disable additional Google account services, such as Google Drive online data storage, etc. Next, tap OK.

The next step is to choose whether or not to activate the Google Assistant for your searches or dictated questions – using the Hey Google voice command. Override if you'd rather set it up later or never.

Security and Unlocking

You will be presented with various options to secure your tablet's access; password, PIN, screen pattern, fingerprint or facial recognition. The last two methods are the most secure, a choice you can change at any time after setup is complete.

Your tablet is now ready to use

Future Pixel tablets made by Google in 2023?

The tablet market has always been more successful for third-party manufacturers, except for Google, which withdrew its Pixel Slate and Pixel C tablets from the market a few years ago.

But, according to several specialized sites, the Internet advertising giant could get back to it with a Pixel tablet equipped with the Tensor house chip next year. This would run on Android 13 and complement the hardware offering of Pixel smartphones and all-new Pixel Watch watches.

The all-new Google Pixel Watch smartwatch

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On your browser, go to https://myaccount.google.com/activitycontrols

Uncheck the activities you don't want to keep

For each activity, manage your history.

All the elements to manage or delete are described here at this address https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/465.

Take advantage of your visit to your account to review your profile information or privacy settings.