“If we loved” : Target reached for Louise Sigouin

«Si on s’aimait» : Objectif atteint pour Louise Sigouin

MONTREAL – It is the end of the course for couples, “If we loved”, to VAT, on this Wednesday, with the release of the last issue. The time is therefore in the balance sheet for Louise Sigouin, sexologist and expert in the coaching relationship, which has advised and assisted the four pairs of participants for several weeks.

Louise, is it that the show has been consistent with what you had hoped for?

The aim was to use this platform to raise questions personal, create moments of couple or family moments. I am delighted because this is what people tell me, saying to me that the show was a rendezvous for many of the world. My objective is to be achieved.

Do you think that some pairs of participants are likely in the long term?

This was not necessarily the purpose of the exercise. Romantic relationships, being in relationship, the theme of couples and love, this is a topic that concerns us all. The participants have been very generous. Through their way of being and their attitude in relationship, we could identify with, learn to know or recognize someone. They are rendered vulnerable in front of the camera so that we can feel the situations malaisantes, while saying that you know someone who acts like that, or that it is ourselves that way. All five of these dualities have been presented, and a lot of viewers tell me that they would have liked to have more.

Is it that the eight participants were representative of what you wanted to demonstrate?

They are the reflection of what I encounter in my practice. And far between Jennifer and Fanny, there may be a world apart, but it is the expression of how one can be in a relationship depending on the time of our lives. I think it is a beautiful expression of the human being in a relationship.

Louise Sigouin, Émily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge

How do you analyse the contribution of Émily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge at the show?

I continue to believe that they are the authentic representation of the viewer. They could afford a little more expression of torque between them, but they have given them the right, to the people in front of their tv, to react, to have questions, to be disturbed, to have periods of discouragement… It was very helpful for the viewers to say they had similar reactions.

Unlike your regular customers, you could see the participants interact in their daily lives, is that it makes you see new behaviours?

Seeing them daily, has confirmed some things, but it was the interactions that I usually see. I have always at heart to be able to allow the largest number of people possible to have access to information to help them to get better or be better in their relationship. To do this show allowed me to talk to even more people, that was my engine.

Is it that there will be a second season?

The production and the publisher are very happy of this first season, and they are currently in discussion. Nothing is confirmed for the time being. But there is a real interest of the public to participate. In spite of all that could be seen as discomfort, people have really grasped the privilege of participating in this program and make the personal journey which is proposed.

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