“If we still loved each other”: Louise Sigouin accompanies couples in crisis

“If we still loved each other: Louise Sigouin accompanies couples in crisis


Relationship support expert Louise Sigouin is back at TVA with a new concept and a new decor in the docureality If we still loved each other, a derivative of If we loved each other.  

In “If we still loved each other”, Louise Sigouin helps couples in crisis, which is a completely different dynamic for her and for viewers.

“Classic 'If we loved each other', we are in the beginning of the relationship, the feverishness, we try to be in our best light and to understand our shortcomings. It is very much a work of personal introspection to get to know yourself, to identify your dualities to make a better lover. In “If we still loved each other”, we are in front of mature couples, it's loaded, we are in the unsaid, in disappointments, then the participants are in a hurry to change things to save their relationship. summed up Ms. Sigouin in an interview with the QMI Agency.

We therefore go straight to the point from the start and if one of the partners beats around the bush, the other can quickly bring it back to the right path.

“They're ready when they get in front of me, because they've already tried a thousand and one options to get out of there, and it didn't work. Indeed, we enter more quickly into the heart of the emotion, of the difficulty. […] And me, I immediately enter the intervention and the dualities are clear from the start. They express it to me with their actions, behaviors and attitudes”, indicated Ms. Sigouin, saying that it is more like the daily life of her practice.

Once her work as an accompanist has been captured by the cameras, Louise Sigouin waits for the directors, editors and Duo Productions team to look at the images. Then she receives the edited episodes and determines the passages needing clarification or additional information, which leads her to sit down with Émily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge to shoot short explanatory segments.

< p>“I know that the journey of the participants will affect many couples,” added Ms. Sigouin, citing in passing the universal themes that make or break couples, including sexuality, money, mental load, communication, children's education and even the excessive use of cell phones and tablets.

Louise Sigouin, who has been supporting people for 30 years to help them get better, loves her work on the small screen, all the more that the influence of his programs and his books allows him to share the fruit of his approach.

“I am very educational, very interventionist, I like to support people, give them tips, make them realize what they already know. I had never measured the reach of television and books with people who would never consult. It touches me deeply.”

The fourth season of “If we loved each other”, which has already been shot, will be broadcast this fall on TVA. The team is also recruiting for the second season of “If we still loved each other”.

As for the book “If we still loved each other”, written by Louise Sigouin in collaboration with François De Falkensteen, it was launched on Wednesday by Les Éditions de l'Homme. It is available both in bookstores and in digital format.

Produced by Duo Productions, the documentary “If we still loved each other” will be broadcast on TVA from Monday to Thursday, at 7 p.m., starting from May 1.

Émily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge shine in “If we still loved each other”

Émily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay -Thivierge return to service in “If we still loved each other”.

With their spontaneous comments, they play the role of viewers at home. And, as they are often funny and relevant through their reactions, they lighten the subject and even make us laugh in this derivative of “If we loved each other”.

As they are couples on the verge of breaking up who are supported by relationship support expert Louise Sigouin, Émily and Guillaume, who got married last year, are not insensitive to what couples are going through and talking about. on the show.

“We get to the heart of the problems experienced by couples, and we are no exception to the rule. All subjects come to challenge us, whether it is family management, mental workload, sexuality, children, cell phones, we are all made the same. What struck me the most about that season was seeing how much we're all in the same boat,” said Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge.

“It's beautiful to evolve with the person you love, with the father of your children or with the person with whom you want to continue your journey”, continued Émily Bégin.

The couple salutes the participants for their bravery. “It takes strength to go in front of everyone, to expose certain difficulties. We pointed it out to couples,” added Guillaume, who begins filming for “Masked singers” in mid-May this year. As for Émily Bégin, she is shooting this spring in the “FEM” series, by Marianne Farley, which is intended for UNIS TV.