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If you have a Pixel 4 or newer phone, you can install Android 13 now.

If you have a Pixel 4 or newer phone, you can install Android 13 now.


Those with a Pixel 4 or newer mobile device will be able to install the latest version of Android system version 13.

Some did not hesitate to see some similarities between Android 13 and the beta version of Apple's competing iOS 16 system, such as the new iPhone 15.x photo selection API interface where you have to give access to a photo album before an application can access it or even the ability to disable application notifications even before they flood the phone screen. Features that give grist to the mill in the privacy and privacy department at Google.

Example of the Material You design that allows non-Google applications to be customized to match the theme and the phone wallpaper colors.

Design Material You

The Android 13 system interface has been modernized with the new Material You design which offers more available colors and icons.

Another gain brought by Material You comes from a better integration of large devices. screen regardless of the origin of the manufacturer. Android 13 is optimized for small and large screens and brings from Android 12L a taskbar that makes the mobile system feel like a desktop computer.

Like Android phones, tablets to version 13 will benefit from greater feature interoperability, such as copy-and-paste between apps and devices.

For those who use a stylus, Android 13 will be less likely to register your palm as a separate touch on the screen.

After the privilege of users of Google Pixel 4 or newer home devices, those of Samsung, Motorola, TCL and many more devices to install Android 13 plus later this fall.

The security and privacy section of the new Android 13

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