“If you need a bike, it starts to be far away”

« Si tu as besoin d’un vélo, ça commence à être loin »

Person in the city should walk over half a kilometre to find what it takes to live. The quarrel of the bike against the car makes us forget that, for the bulk of its commissions, a city-dweller should not need neither of the one nor of the other.

I live in a village and, since the outbreak, I do not go out almost. It is located in Montreal, in the middle of the city, in a district known to be popular. By here, the cars serve little. Normally, not even need of a bike. Everything is walking.

If I have to ride a BIXI in recent times, I have the impression to go abroad. I feel adventurous to go to the SAQ to a kilometre from home as if it was a trip.

Village in the city

Apart to see friends or conduct interviews, why would I in my village ? 100 metres : a hardware store. To 140 meters : a pharmacy. 240 metres : a supermarket and a small delicatessen. At the corner of the street : a fruit store faces a grocer-caterer moroccan. At least five minutes of walking : eight convenience stores, including some that specialized in beer rare, three primary schools, a secondary school, a park with wonderful water games, dental clinics, a post office, a Desjardins atm, restaurants, etc My son goes to a daycare centre at 100 meters from his home, which welcomes almost only of the children who did not live significantly further.

However, if I want to purchase something at the market Maisonneuve, 650 metres from me, and there, I tend to use a BIXI bike… This place is therefore no longer really part of my immediate neighbourhood. This is a good basic principle in humanizing the city : “If you need a bike to get there, it starts to be far away. ”

Montreal happy

All what I just said above stems from the obvious : when it comes to our shopping day-to-day, my neighbors and I do not partake to any great extent to the phenomenon of urban congestion or to the “musical chair” of the parking lot.

That everything is within walking distance and the issue of traffic is practically solved. Let flower shops (without the assault with taxes or the complete works endless) and the “villages” like mine will multiply. Something tells me that at least the Montrealers will have to move, the more they will be happy.

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