“I’ll sue you in court”: Anatoliy Anatolich told about scandal with UIA

Presenter and showman intends to sue the airline

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"Я подам на вас в суд": Анатолий Анатолич рассказал о скандале с МАУ

Anatoliy Anatolich sues MAU

Well-known presenter and showman Anatoliy Anatolich sues MAU. He said this on his page in the social network. After the celebrity couldn’t get on the plane of the Ukrainian company in Moldova, the host of “see the Interviewer” has published a post that gave details about the incident.

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So, according to Anatoly, in his hands was a ticket out of Moldova to Ukraine, but to fly to Kiev, he couldn’t. “Today for example, I have a ticket couldn’t get on a plane because my ticket was not in the priority group of passengers that fly with a stopover,” – said the showman.

"Я подам на вас в суд": Анатолий Анатолич рассказал о скандале с МАУ

He added that this happens not for the first time. “This is the third case when I ticket this cowboy’s office are in a similar situation. The first time I flew into the Dnieper a couple of years ago, to one important activity that I was put on a plane on call. In the end, I was flying in place for flight attendants. The second time when I went to the “resale” I was lucky and two people didn’t get on the flight and I barely got a seat. And that’s the third time unlucky”, – said Anatoliy Anatolich.

The indignant presenter announced his intention to sue the MAU. He believes that the company that I work not professional, has no right to exist. “I sincerely wish you soon to close and not to dishonor the name of my country. And Yes, I’ll sue you in court. And even willing to spend the money and time,” concluded Anatolich.

The company has not yet responded to the statement of the star.

We will remind that earlier in a scandal with MAU landed the singer MARUV. Luggage the winner of the national selection twice hacked in “Borispol” in March and April. Then the airline said that are not responsible for things MARUV and invited the artist to contact the police.

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