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Illegal immigration from Mexico to Roxham Road

Illegal Immigration from Mexico to Roxham Road


Democrats are doing everything they can to avoid confronting the growing problem of uncontrolled immigration on the US border with Mexico. Like liberals in Canada, Democrats in the United States do not want to displease their large immigrant demographic base. Especially in this election period.

With the Republican publicity stunt proposing to bus and fly asylum seekers to so-called Democratic “sanctuary states,” the issue could metastasize into a major election issue undermining Democratic campaign gains reported by many. recent polls.

So far, President Biden has avoided talking about the problem altogether, giving the hot potato to the inept Kamala Harris to take care of it. His dysfunctional leadership is causing a series of resignations from his staff, according to the Washington Post. But that's another story.

The quiet reconquest of the United States

The uncontrolled flow of immigrants entering the United States averages 8,500 a day. The Mexicans let it go. For them, it is a quiet reconquista. About a third of the American territory was conquered from Mexico.

The reconquest of lost territories is a dream and a national ambition. Through immigration and fertility, it began a long time ago. According to the Statista website, there are already 65 million Spanish-speaking Americans, or 18% of the population, a rapidly growing figure.

Especially not staying in the United States

As along the US border with Mexico, we face a similar problem here, but on a much smaller scale. Roxham Road is at the center of a lucrative traffic involving networks of smugglers who transport tens of thousands of immigrants to Quebec who would be turned back if they passed through the Lacolle border crossing a few kilometers away.

The team of Radio-Canada's Enquête, program discovered that asylum seekers, not exactly “wretched of the earth”, pay thousands of dollars to benefit largesse from the governments of Canada and Quebec that they do not have in the United States or in their country of origin.

They arrive from all over the world and the flow will only increase in the months and years to come. They absolutely do not want to seek asylum in the United States.

Trudeau's federal Liberals (from father to son) are directly responsible for this scandalously absurd situation which particularly afflicts Quebec.

Refugees at 24 Sussex Drive

Migrants crossing the border at Roxham Road have a greater impact on Quebec than on other provinces, including Ontario, protected from the influx by Lake Ontario. And there is the fact that the other favorite crossing point is Akwesasne where, in addition to smugglers, you have to pay Mohawk networks to gain access to Canadian territory.

He will never do it, but I wonder what would happen if François Legault decided to do as the governors of Texas and Arizona – whose states are overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers every year – that is to say put them on buses and send them to Ottawa in front of Trudeau's residence at 24 Sussex Drive.

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