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Illumi in summer: the magic of lights

Illumi in summer: the magic of lights


The illumi enété team welcomes the curious until August 7 in Laval.

All the usual sections can once again be admired, such as those dragons, domestic animals, the animated sea and the Tree of Lights, to name just a few proposals.

To mark the warm season, illumi has various additions, just to allow people to enjoy the good weather and admire all the animations and lights. We give free access to the illumi observatory, which allows you not to miss anything of all the installations, located along Highway 15. There is also a light show every quarter of an hour.< /p>

Several new outdoor terraces have also been fitted out. The Cavalia team also added summer touches to the Fairy Lights.

We changed the music throughout the course. We even want to wiggle under the famous Tree of Lights and thematic evenings are organized to please everyone, including dog meetings.

Across the site, bars offer festive cocktails.

During the visit to the QMI Agency, there were several children and adults amazed by all the light and colors.

It should be noted that the prizes of online entry are less expensive. They are $5 (2-4 years old), $10 (5-10 years old), $15 (11-20 years old) and $20 (21 years old and over). You can also travel by car.

Other information is available here [].

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