“I’m an independent woman”: Kate Buzhinsky about life in two countries, the relationship with her husband and preparing for Easter

“Я женщина самостоятельная”: Катя Бужинская о жизни на две страны, отношениях с мужем и подготовке к Пасхе

On the eve of Easter, people’s artist of Ukraine Kateryna buzhynska shared “Znayu” how they are going to celebrate the holiday and where would you like to go on holidays in may. Also, the singer openly spoke about how children grow, about the relationship with her husband-Bulgarian and financial independence.

Catherine, this year do you fast before Easter?

I observe a strict fast and are already looking forward to Easter. I really want meat, eggs because I’m fasting for all the canons. ‘ve already lost four kilograms, improved their health, but still I’m a Leo by horoscope, carnivore and longing for real food. Prior to this have not fasted the past five years. This year I want to take communion, to confess.

How to prepare for the holiday?

Definitely going to bake Easter. Prescription brand I have from Sava libkina that I bake. It is really delicious. Also going to roast a lamb, yet are used to prepare salads, to paint eggs with the kids, be sure to go with family to Church. On this day, I’m always home, even if offered a high-paying job, it’s refuse. Easter, Christmas I’m always at home. To celebrate at home in Bulgaria.

“Я женщина самостоятельная”: Катя Бужинская о жизни на две страны, отношениях с мужем и подготовке к Пасхе

Kateryna Buzhynska

Also ahead of the may holidays. Planning a family vacation?

We would like to go to Greece. There is already warm water in the sea is still cool, but nature is already amazing, sweetie. We love Halkidiki. From Sofia by car three hours. Every time I try to relax in new places, but there are favorite hotels with very beautiful views. We know already there and do discounts. Things get interesting when something new. I also have a dream to visit in Bari, Italy, where the relics of St. Nicholas. I wife told.

But what are you so Greece fall in love?

I love beautiful views, nature, air, sea. We know the places where not so many tourists, for example, the island of Thasos, and very tasty food. Such an atmosphere of joy, fun always.

“Я женщина самостоятельная”: Катя Бужинская о жизни на две страны, отношениях с мужем и подготовке к Пасхе

Kate with her husband on vacation in the Dominican Republic

As the family responsibilities? When you’re on the road, home and children on the husband?

We have people who help us. There is nanny, comes grandma. When I was there, home – dad. But we constantly talk on the phone, keeping me aware of everything, every hour we. Of course, everyone’s happy when mom’s home.

What is taboo from her husband?

He hates when I’m in a short dress, when you wear too revealing costume. He’s a wreck. He doesn’t like that someone else can observe the charms of his wife. So, I respect your husband and do not give cause for jealousy and misunderstandings. But often the headlines are full of the opposite. My husband says that talented female artists – those who have a voice – off is not necessary.

“Я женщина самостоятельная”: Катя Бужинская о жизни на две страны, отношениях с мужем и подготовке к Пасхе

Kateryna Buzhynska

You have to live in two countries: in Ukraine and Bulgaria. In Kiev lives and studies your 12 year old daughter Alenka, and in Sofia – two-year doinate Dima and Katya with your husband-the Bulgarian Dimitar. Why did you decide to divide the children?

Because of the study Alenka. She attends a very good high school with advanced study of languages. But the children will be together in the summer, Alenka graduate. Very difficult was given to this decision. I’m torn. I find it easier when all the kids together, and it’s better for them. But so far.

As the eldest daughter refers to his younger brother and sister?

She loves them, very bored. Her jealousy was when they were born, even offered me to return them to the hospital, trying to feed them chocolates secretly. And now they call each other. Gifts with pleasure, and it constantly transmits, makes something with his own hands: toys, crafts.

“Я женщина самостоятельная”: Катя Бужинская о жизни на две страны, отношениях с мужем и подготовке к Пасхе

Catherine, the eldest daughter Alena and doinate Katya and Dima

Anyone Alenka want to be when you grow up? Already discussed?

No, I’m waiting for her decision. When we were kids she said she wants to be a doctor, then a veterinarian. But the artist is definitely not. All the children sing, all music. Kate we have dancing. She has athletic ability. I think she could do gymnastics, very active. Dima passion for cars, is already trying to spin the wheel. I bought him a children’s collection for repair, and he is already trying to dismantle the cars for parts. And Kate loves to paint her lips, put on mom’s things, a pair of heels to try on. I also realized that of the three children of my closet will take Katherine, I guess. Alenka also loves books – she has a big library, and she loves animals – she has a parrot. And Katyusha is a fashionista! Fashionista scarier than my mom.

“Я женщина самостоятельная”: Катя Бужинская о жизни на две страны, отношениях с мужем и подготовке к Пасхе

Katya and Dima – younger children Katya Buzhinskaya

Not so long ago you were in the hospital because of overwork and frequent flights. What was the situation?

Don’t fly certain airlines, I will not say the name. They have a very bad planes that fly low enough and that the human body suffers. Although it was never trying to write. Now, thank God, there was one airline that has already options. Of course, you need to rest, to sleep. Sometimes it is important just to stay in silence.

Flights from one country to another is expensive. You yourself pay for everything? Financially independent from her husband?

Flights are very expensive. What I spent on flights for the last time, was able to buy a car. Luckily enough earn and provide for myself. As for our General family issues – of course, my husband helps. If I can’t solve and I need his help – help. I am a woman independent, and she used to solve all the questions.

“Я женщина самостоятельная”: Катя Бужинская о жизни на две страны, отношениях с мужем и подготовке к Пасхе

Kateryna Buzhynska

Career or family. What comes first for you?

Family is more important and comes first. But there are moments, for example when it is impossible to quit. When I was on the road, the children catch a cold very much, and I couldn’t get away. Already concerts have been scheduled, the tickets were purchased. I couldn’t come. But I did my best: organized physicians, nursing, and children quickly went on the amendment.

In 2018, you have released her own perfume “Queen of inspiration”, also called the tour of Ukraine, as well as the eponymous song in your repertoire, recorded a duet with the Russian singer Stas Mikhailov. Do you maintain relations with him?

I do not support anyone relations after the tragic events happened in my country. Do not act together. I perform in Ukraine. A song that people love. The song needs to live. It was written by Ukrainian author Sergey Bakumenko, and I sing solo in Ukraine. For the summer I prepare a new trendy song, just not my style – “Ti miy hit tsogo LT”. We are not standing still. When I was in the Dominican Republic, made podsypki for a new clip on Saona island where filmed advertising “bounty”. Very beautiful locations. There will be more dosemki in Kiev. The song just wrote recently. The Author – Alexey Malakhov. He wrote for me “Blonna winter”, which in winter is actively rotated.

“Я женщина самостоятельная”: Катя Бужинская о жизни на две страны, отношениях с мужем и подготовке к Пасхе

Perfume by Katya Buzhinskaya

In the Crimea as well not go?

In the Crimea five years, I was not. For me it is a very painful subject. I love Crimea and many I have connected with Crimea. It pains me, I can’t go there.

Do you think with the coming to power of a new leader that will change in the country?

I would like to Ukraine was United to Ukraine was the world so we could live, work, raise children and be proud of the country.

Charity Fund “Champion heart”, which President you are, has implemented more than one project. How hard it is to work in Ukraine in this direction?

A lot of organizational issues. There is no funding, all with the world on a string. It is difficult for us to do something. But thanks to the support of the Hungarian government, more than 3,000 children – children from low-income families, children-orphans, children from atoms – had the opportunity to relax at the lake Velence in Hungary. In addition, we conducted a large-scale social project “Children for peace in the world.” We children were in the European Parliament, in the headquarters of NATO, was granted an audience with the Pope. First, to receive his blessing and hear that the Pope will pray for peace in Ukraine is very important. Secondly, to show children from low-income families world – they came back and started to learn better. For them, everything turned upside down, they saw how would like to live and how to be in their country. We also implemented the project “the good Book”. This is a unique book, which includes 50 stories of good. They were written by the children and made them artwork. The book is printed on special paper, as papyrus. Already a book is in the library of the Vatican.

Julia Abramova

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