“I'm lucky to have Miley Cyrus in my life” – Rufus Wainwright

“I'm lucky to have Miley Cyrus in my life” - Rufus Wainwright


Since collaborating with her, Rufus Wainwright has been in awe of Miley Cyrus. “She is a real force of nature. I'm really lucky to have her in my life now. »  

On February 2, the Montreal-raised singer-songwriter found himself in Miley Cyrus' “backyard” in California to record the Disney+ special, Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)< /em>. 

The show offers interviews and a performance during which Miley Cyrus sings, for the first time, songs from her new album, accompanied by guest artists. 

Rufus Wainwright's tenure? Accompany, alone on the piano, the popular thirty-year-old singer on the song Wonder Woman, one of the 13 tracks of Endless Summer Vacation, available since midnight. 

< p>“It was the team of Miley who contacted me so that I collaborate with her, explains the singer to the Journal. Of course, I accepted immediately. We spent some time together during practices and I was really struck by how wonderful about her: to me, she represents everything that is good about the United States and that is sometimes forgotten. with other political and other issues. » 

An exception for her

The 49-year-old musician says he is generally nervous to accompany artists on the piano, which he rarely does. “I made an exception for her and it was really fun to do,” he says. 

He praises the warm side of the star, of whom he has been a fan since a long time. Miley Cyrus did everything to make her guests feel comfortable during filming.

“His whole family was at rehearsals, his mother, his sister. You felt like you were coming to her house, to her house. Miley is inclusive and warm and in person, she is really a great beauty”, adds the artist who does not however collaborate on the new album of Miley Cyrus. 

“I find her audacious , fascinating, beautiful and sophisticated. She is like no one. “, continues the musician who goes so far as to affirm that Miley Cyrus gives him hope for the United States. 

< strong>A sequel?

Can we expect a song collaboration between Rufus Wainwright and Miley Cyrus in the future? 

“You never know, just throw he laughs. I feel that she is an ally and that we respect each other musically. I would be over the moon if she wanted to sing with me, but I also know how to be Canadian, that is to say humble and rather withdrawn. We'll see. Everything is possible. » 

  • Rufus Wainwright will release his new album, Folkocracy, on June 2nd .